Foot Care in Barnsley

Common foot problems we see:

Damaged Toenails

Toenails can become damaged through sporting activities, or by cutting them badly or even picking them, this can be very painful and its best to seek advice before the pain gets worse.


Corns usually appear as hard painful circular areas often on bony areas of your toes and soles of the feet. They are normally painful and are sometimes they are found between the toes and are usually caused by rubbing shoes or pressure from walking.

Removal of corns is not painful and we can offer expert advice on how to prevent them from returning in the future.

Hard Skin

Hard skin is normally found on the ball of the foot, around the heels and at the ends of the toes. This is also usually caused by rubbing shoes or pressure from walking. Hard Skin can become cracked and very painful; Community Chiropody Service can remove hard skin painlessly and offer you advice on how to reduce hard skin from returning in the future.


Verrucas can occur on virtually any area of the foot and they can sometimes look like corns (and vice-versa). A rough diagnosis tool is to gently pinch then. If it's painful to pinch then but not press them, then there is a good chance it might be a verruca.

Community Chiropody Service has a few treatment options available – Acid and Cryotherapy are the main ones we use. These are much more powerful than anything available over the counter. However verrucas can sometimes be quite difficult to clear.

Athletes Foot

Athletes Foot is commonly found on the foot. It can present as a red itchy scaly area on the foot or as a damp area between the toes. It can sometimes lead to further infections if left untreated. Community Chiropody Service can usually quickly diagnose a fungal infection and advise the best course of treatment possible to eliminate the problem.

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