Diabetic Foot Care in Barnsley

Community Chiropody Service are foot care specialists in Barnsley so whatever issue you may have with you feet we can help take care of them.

Foot Problems

Foot problems are the leading cause of hospitalization of people with diabetes. It is estimated that 20% of all diabetics will develop a serious foot complaint during their lives. People with diabetes can develop a variety of foot problems, which can result in severe cases, to an amputation of a toe, foot or leg.

Regular Chiropody Appointments

However, with regular visits to Community Chiropody Service along with the patient education we will offer, appropriate footwear and daily foot inspections, one can prevent any serious complaints from arising.

The three main complications associated with diabetes are:

  • Neuropathy (diminished sensation)
  • Poor circulation to the foot
  • Decreased resistance to infection

If you have any concern regarding foot problems you are currently experiencing please get in touch, we can help.

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